Comprehensive service offering

Codilab’s added value lies in providing an end-to-end service, in its ability to research, formulate, develop, manufacture, and package for others.

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Why choose us...

In the growing markets we are involved in, with their ongoing research, the experience of our staff and our company choices make Codilab an attractive proposition in many regards :

  • expert know-how,
  • proven flexibility, responsiveness, customer service,
  • diversification into related and/or ground-breaking products and new markets determination to remain focused and simple, with a restricted range of job types and products allowing efforts to be concentrated on customer-specific segments,
  • ability to store and manage our customers’ stock: the Codilab premises are very spacious, allowing our clientele to send raw and packaging materials directly from their suppliers to cover several production runs and thus have a buffer stock which we manage for them.