If your requirements so dictate, Codilab can also carry out isolated phases of the production process.

Our Specialities

We are not in the business of trying to develop our own product range for this market. Our sole objective is to provide excellence in the custom manufacture and packaging of pharmacy non-medical, dietary, and nutritional products of all kinds.

There are all kinds of possibilities :

Health and slimming foods:

  • chewable tablets with or without sugar coating
  • film coated pills
  • effervescent tablets
  • sweeteners
  • packets of effervescent or instant mix powders such as protein boosters

Animal nutrition - Miscellaneous packaging

  • Animal nutrition: dehydrated pellets, dietary supplements.
  • Miscellaneous packaging: tubes, blisters, sleeves, pill boxes, 3- or 4-weld sachets, Flow-Packs, etc...