Yearly production capacity

600 tonnes of mixture

550 tonnes of compaction

(5–60mm diameter)

100 tonnes of sugar-coated pills.

30 tonnes of film-coated pills.

6,000,000 sachets or packets

About us

A specialist’s expertise

CODILAB SAS was set up in January 2002 and has 4,800 m² of production and storage area.

CODILAB possesses both the human and technological resources to meet customers’ production requirements from pilot batches to full industrial production runs.

Each machine or line is housed in its own room with a conditioned atmosphere.

We have the full range of equipment required for expert conversion and packaging of all kinds of dry formulation, namely,

  • dry or impregnated powder mixtures
  • tablets
  • effervescent tablets
  • sugar coated pills
  • film coated pills
  • tube packaging
  • packaging in sleeves, 1, 2 or 3 tubes, with or without information sheet
  • packaging in pill boxes with labelling
  • blister packaging, sleeving
  • 4-weld sachets and packets from 1–100g
  • packaging in Flow-Packs

Our Customers

Our order givers are mainly pharmaceutical laboratories, specialist distributors of nutritional and dietary products, and mail-order companies.