4 rotary compaction presses

1 reciprocating compaction press

Sugar coating turbines

Film coating turbine


Highly rated know-how

CODILAB specializes in converting dry formulations into various formats: tablets, sugar-coated or film-coated pills, powder in sachets, in doses, …

The possibilities are endless :

  • health and fitness foods (chewable tablets with or without sugar coating, effervescent,
  • tablets, sweeteners, sachets of effervescent or instant mix powders like protein boosters, etc.),
  • perfumes (bath tablets, salts, etc.),
  • animal nutrition (dehydrated pellets, dietary supplements, etc.),
  • miscellaneous packaging (tubes, blisters, sleeves, pill boxes, sachets with 3 or 4 welds, Flow-Packs, etc.)

New production area

Dedicated to manufacturing