Commitment to Quality

ISO 22000 certification

Ecocert Certification

Member of Synadiet Synadiet

HACCP implementation and adherence to GMP

iso 22000ecocert



Certification ISO 22000

Awarded in 2010 and guaranteeing our commitment to quality in the following areas :

  • raw material sourcing,
  • formulation,
  • manufacture and packaging of all dry formulations.
Link to ProCert certificate for activities formulation, manufacturing and packaging of confectionery and food supplements in dry form

Ecocert Certification Ecocert in organic food

  • homogenised food preparations and dietetic food,
  • packaging and manufacturing processes.
Link to ECOCERT certificate for engaged jobber preparer activity


Animal nutrition

record # FR 85 108 001 for intermediate activity in animal food. This activity deals with:

  • for manufacturing and conditioning of food supplement for dog, cat, and other pets
  • for livestock nutrition

Traceability of all processes

guaranteed by our ERP system, in operation since the end of 2009.